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Pickling line

A Layer of brittle and hard ferric oxide will form on the surface of the steel strip during the hot rolling,and the ferric oxide layer will affect the surface quality of the strip during cold rolling.Pickling process is ap-plied for removing the ferric oxide.Tho pickliiij; line is divided inlo Push-pull Pickling LinoCSeini-coiilinuous Pickling Lino) and conliiuiou.s pickling lino.

Push-pull Pickling Line

Push-pull Pickling Line is a semi-continuous production is charactor-istic with lower consumptioii,easier operation and fewer malfunctions,moreover it can pickle many kinds of incoming material.

Production line process

Pay-off reel → 9 roll leveller → hydraulic shear → angle cut shear → pickling tank → cleaning tank → hot air dryer → exit Loop → deflector → disc shear → bridle roll → turning roll for oil coaling → tension reel